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800 mesh silica ultrafine vertical mill

Silica ultrafine vertical mill makes the application prospect of silica powder more broad! CLIRIK provides 10-45μm silica powder ultra-fine vertical mill with a production capacity of 40t / h, which can make silica powder more widely used in the production and living fields of papermaking, coatings, plastics, rubber, pigments, inks, PVC and so on.
Silica is a kind of mineral aggregate mainly containing quartz and containing a certain amount of clay. It has a natural fine particle size. After simple processing, it can become a new type of industrial mineral raw material with fine particle size. Components, low surface moisture and good surface physical and chemical properties make it widely praised in industrial applications such as rubber, synthetic plastics, paints and coatings.
Silica is divided into two kinds of hard and soft according to appearance characteristics, of which soft is the most common. Rigid silica generally presents hard, massive, porcelain-shaped fractures, which look like quicklime. Soft silica is in the form of powder or soil and adobe, soft and fragile texture, delicate hand, light, porous, strong water absorption, it can float on the water surface for a long time after wax sealing, and it can slowly precipitate and decompose into Fine particles are one of the important fillers commonly used in industries such as rubber, plastics, paints and coatings.
In the rubber industry, silica can replace clay or light calcium carbonate in equal amounts, and can partially replace high wear-resistant carbon black in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and mixed rubber, which can not only improve the strength and hardness of products, and reduce wear, It can also prevent aging, increase the stacking degree of the polymer, promote the physical crosslinking of the compound, and increase the tensile strength of the polymer.
In synthetic leather imitation leather, silica can replace light calcium, active light calcium, active pyrophyllite, active wollastonite, which is equivalent to white carbon black and carbon black. It can obtain leather products with lower cost, good industrial performance and stable quality. . In light-colored imitation leather, products with silica as filler have better breaking strength than activated calcium and sericite, and their performance is more excellent. In color imitation leather, silica replaces active calcium, which can greatly increase the hardness of the product while maintaining the same strength. When silica replaces active wollastonite, although the hardness decreases slightly, the strength is A more obvious improvement.
Silica has a slightly light color. In paints and coatings, it can be generally used in dark colors and paints, primers, anti-rust paints and other paints to replace precipitated barium sulfate and talc. Silica has good dispersibility in paint, short grinding time and small fineness. Its replacement paint has increased hardness, good storage stability, and water resistance, weather resistance, rust and corrosion resistance have also been greatly improved. .
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd provides 10-45μm silica ultra-fine vertical mill, with a production capacity of 40t / h, which can make silica powder more widely used in the production of paper, coatings, plastics, rubber, pigments, inks, PVC, etc. The realm of life. Welcome to online consultation.

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