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Is it reliable to buy used grinding equipment?

With the advancement of the times, there are also large-scale elimination of grinding equipment idle. In the powder field, some users will also buy used grinding equipment. That is because the price of second-hand is much cheaper than the price of new grinding equipment. Some users will think that these are idle machines and reduce their own input costs. In exchange for a spare mill equipment, it is quite cost-effective, so some users are very interested in second-hand.
Although it is cheap, it is also risky. Then buy a low-cost ultra-fine mill machine?

1. Introduction of used mill:

The second-hand milling equipment is a grinding equipment that has been transferred many times, or some machines that have been idle for a long time. Compared with the new equipment, it will be somewhat embarrassing, so it will be more favorable in terms of pricing. Users are often attracted because of low prices, but there are also significant risks. As for the quality of the machine you buy, it depends on the user's luck.

2. Is the low-priced second-hand grinding mill reliable?

Although the purchase of the old mill is cheaper, due to the long time of use of the machine, parts and wearing parts are worn, which will cause many hidden dangers:
a. With the iteration of the mill technology, the value of the old mill is constantly decreasing. Many of the grinding machines produced are too early to reach the technical level of the current mill.
b. The parts are aging and the maintenance is not in place. Performance is greatly reduced due to wear and tear on parts and wear of consumable parts. Production efficiency is not high, quality will have an impact, and ultimately it is not cost-effective.
c. A large amount of maintenance costs, maintenance costs, these costs plus a calculation together to buy an old mill, not worth the loss
d. Grinding equipment without after-sales service is also a fatal shortcomer. If there is a problem with the machine, the maintenance cost is the user's own responsibility, which greatly increases the user's economic burden.
In summary, although the second-hand mill is cheap, it is a big hazard. I suggest you buy it carefully.
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