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What are the industries of negative pressure mill applications?

Changes in production technology, with the development of science and technology, the production of negative pressure on Clirik grinding mill in industrial production get better results, newly developed vacuum mill use is very widespread, negative pressure Mill such that the vacuum system not only machine milling fineness providehigh efficiency mention high, and no pollution. Large colorful world, small waste piled everywhere, and even the construction industry and other polluting heavy industries can use negative pressure mill to process. So what are the industries for negative pressure mill applications? 

Negative pressure mills have emerged in the construction industry. China's construction industry is developing rapidly. The construction of high-rise buildings is inseparable from various cement stone and other building materials. Although the negative pressure mill can not directly affect the construction of high-rise buildings, it can play a very good role in building materials. High-rise buildings have high requirements for building materials, and the general firing of red bricks cannot meet the needs of high-rise buildings. The new building materials use lime sand bricks. This building material is mainly composed of silica sand and lime. The lime is ground by anegative pressure mill, and then the silica sand is mixed. After various processes such as stirring. Processed, the main function of the negative pressure mill is to grind the powder to make lime sand brick. The importance of it is not necessary to say that everyone should know how important it is. The output of the negative pressure milldirectly affects the production of lime sand bricks. 

The negative pressure mill regenerates the tailings. The treatment of tailings is one of the important aspects of the mine production process. The tailings are not completely useless wastes, and after proper treatment, they can be comprehensively utilized. Negative pressure millMainly for the re-grinding, net selection and recycling of the waste tailings, the recovery rate has reached a new level. Shanghai Clirik produces a negative-pressure mill to regenerate the tailings, not only “Turning waste into treasure” has effectively alleviated resource and environmental pressures. The wide application of micro-grinding in tailings treatment is of great help and significance for improving the utilization of mineral resources. 

There are many more applications in the application of negative pressure mill . Shanghai Clirik specializes in producing various types of grinding equipment, such as ultra-fine grinding machineRaymond grinding mill , etc. Welcome new and old customers to come to buy .


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