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Common problems and malfunctions of grinding equipment

The grinding equipment consists of a main machine, an analyzer, a blower, a finished cyclone, a pipe device, and a motor. The main machine is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a casing and a motor. Auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, etc. Users can flexibly choose according to the site conditions.
stone powder grinding equipment
There are also many common problems and malfunctions in the grinding equipment Here is a brief description:
No powder (normally, no powder or less powder)
Cause: The powder discharge valve is out of order; the air locker is leaking or normally open; the pipeline is seriously leaking; the pipeline valve entering the blower is too small; the feed is too much; the pipeline system is installed too long and too high, too many bends or bends The angle at the head is too small; the vertical grinding roller device does not rotate; the blade head wears more or is too wet.
Solution: Check if the powder valve and the air lock are stuck or normally open, and block the air leakage of the pipe and the valve of the air check door. Check if the roller unit is stuck and the blade is worn. Change the height of the pipe and increase the angle at the elbow. Feed evenly. The humidity of the control material is below 6%.
The powder is too coarse or too fine
Reason: The speed of the analyzer is not adjusted properly; the air volume is not properly controlled.
Solution: Adjust the speed of the analyzer and the amount of air flow.
The host has frequent downtime and the machine temperature is too high
Reason: There are too many materials in the machine, too little powder, so that the temperature of the mill rises, and the current of the blower drops, the valve of the residual air duct is closed, and the hot air cannot be discharged.
Solution: Remove the accumulated powder in the return air box and the pipe, and evenly feed. If the host is shut down frequently, check whether the adjustment of the relay is lower than the rated current of the motor.
■The host sounds loud and has vibration
Reason: Normally, the deviation between the main reducer and the coupling is large, the anchor screw is loose, and the one-way thrust bearing on the main unit is disengaged up and down during assembly. When the coupling has no clearance in the middle of the coupling, the thrust bearing is lifted up. The material is too hard, it is powdery or the feed is too small; or the foundation of the ultrafine mill is not strong.
Coping method: Find the center, and the difference between the two couplings is guaranteed to be 0.30mm or less. Adjust the coupling clearance to about 5mm. If the abrasive is powdered, reduce the main engine speed to 110 - 120r/min; tighten the anchor screws and all fasteners.
Blower vibration
Cause: The anchor screws are loose; or the imbalance due to uneven blade wear or blade ash is considered.
Solution: Tighten the anchor bolts. Remove blade dust or replace blades.
Reducer and analyzer heating
Reason: Because the upper and lower bearing assembly has no gap; the viscosity of the oil is large, the upper bearing is lack of oil; the oil is added too much, it is not easy to dissipate heat; the air filter is installed and leaked, and the pipe joint is blocked, which does not protect it. Dust enters the oil pool from below the turntable.
Solution: Adjust the bearing clearance in the range of 0.15 - 0.20mm. Check the viscosity of the oil to keep the oil viscosity moderate.
Grinding shaft device into the powder
Reason: The main consideration is that the upper and lower bearing gaps are large, the grinding roller shaft is easy to shake during operation, causing the sealing ring to wear and the powder to enter the bearing, which accelerates the wear of the bearing, makes the gap larger, and has a vicious circle; The two nuts on the upper part of the grinding roller are loose, which causes the gap between the upper and lower bearings to increase, causing powder and oil breakage and accelerating the wear of the bearing.
Coping method: Adjust the bearing clearance, and lubricate and clean regularly before driving.

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