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The difference and commonality between rod mill and ball mill

Grinding equipment commonly used in grinding operations in mineral processing plants has rod mills and ball mills, both of which are used to grind materials. Since they are used to grind materials, why should they be designed as two different equipments? How to choose it? Here is the difference and commonality between the rod mill and the ball mill to help you better understand and understand these two devices.
ball mill and rod mill

First, the common point of the rod mill and the ball mill


1. The same structure

The structure of the rod mill and the ball mill are basically the same, and each is a horizontal cylinder type structure, and the barrel is provided with a grinding medium, which is matched with a feeder, a large and small gear, a feeding end, a discharge end, a transmission device and the like.

2. Working principle is the same

The working principle of the rod mill and the ball mill is the same. The rotation of the cylinder is driven by the transmission device, and the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height for throwing. Under the action of friction and centrifugal force, the material is impacted, ground and squeezed. Press to achieve the effect of grinding materials.

Second, the difference between rod mill and ball mill


1. The grinding body works differently

We know that the rod mill is called a rod mill because its grinding medium is a steel rod, and the grinding medium of the ball mill is a steel ball. Due to the different shapes of the abrasive bodies, their working methods also have their own characteristics. When the steel bar is in motion, the gap between the rod and the rod is a regular strip, which adds a screening effect to the material, and the large particle material is brought to the highest position during the work, which is Make the large particle material get better crushing effect.
Therefore, the contact between the steel bar and the material is a line contact, and the steel ball is in point contact with the material, which is the difference in the working mode of the grinding body.

2. Applicable materials are different

Rod mills are suitable for brittle materials such as coal. In addition, due to the excessive pulverization of rod mills, they are also suitable for tungsten ore or other rare metal ores. They are usually used in re-election or magnetic separation lines, and also in the second stage. The first section of the grinding; the ball mill has a wider range of applications, and metal, non-metal or stone can be ground by a ball mill.

3. Different discharge fineness

The ball mill has finer fineness, usually with a particle size of 0.074-0.4 mm, and a rod mill with a fineness of 0.833-0.147 mm.

4. Different classification methods

Ball mills can be divided into overflow type and lattice type ball mills, while rod mills are classified into overflow type rod mills and open type rod mills.

Third, how to choose rod mill and ball mill in production

Above we introduced the difference and commonality between the rod mill and the ball mill, then how to choose in the production? If you want to grind brittle materials, rare metal ore, rod mill; other materials ball mill. If you do not want to find the fineness of the material but the high demand for the output, choose the rod mill, and vice versa. In addition, the first section of the re-election, magnetic separation production line or the second-stage grinding can be selected as a rod mill, and other sorting methods are selected as ball mills.
Through the above analysis, I believe that you already know how to choose the rod mill and the ball mill, of course, this is only a relatively simple one, we have more professional advice to you! If you still have no idea, contact us! CLIRIK provides professional Ball mill and rod mill, cost-effective, if you are interested, please call the contact number below or contact online customer service to get a quote and product introduction. 008613917147829

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