What happens when the ore grinding equipment runs for a long time?


Ore grinding equipment is operated continuously for a long time, and most of them work in outdoor environments, so the lubrication of the equipment is important. Except for the sliding bearing on the upper end of the main shaft of the vertical mill, the other transmission parts use rolling bearings, and the equipment must be operated under good lubrication conditions, otherwise it will damage the bearings and shorten the service life of the equipment.
Ore grinding equipment-Raymond mill

1. Regular lubrication and maintenance

The lubrication and maintenance method is as follows: the spindle refueling time is every shift, but it must be noted that if the oil in the oil cup is not lost or is too slow, the oil passage should be cleaned immediately, and 50# mechanical oil is added, and the oil cup is located at the upper end of the spindle; The spindle base bearing and the grinding roller shaft bearing are filled with 3# lithium-based grease once with a grease gun; the analyzer bearings are disassembled and cleaned every six months, and full 3# lithium-based grease is added; the fan bearing room is filled with lithium Base grease.

2. Prevention and treatment of air duct blockage

The air duct is the main channel for the air flow of the entire equipment, and it is related to the smooth operation of the entire equipment. The blocked air duct will cause the entire airflow to heat up due to poor exhaust, which also affects the temperature of the motor. The motor temperature rises, the motor current at high temperature decreases, the power supply is insufficient, and the operating power of the equipment is insufficient, which affects the overall output. The main solution to this situation is to adjust the feeder to appropriately reduce the amount of material put in, and at the same time clean the pipeline to remove the powder accumulated in the pipeline. In addition, the valve at the air pipe can be opened appropriately Larger, control the temperature of the material, ensure that the temperature of the supplied material is not too high, and the feed temperature generally does not exceed 6 ℃.

3. Blade wear

The blades inside the main machine are worn out, the materials cannot be shoveled in time and effectively, resulting in some materials cannot be ground, the amount of material grinding is reduced, and the final output is also relatively reduced. In view of the solution to this situation, the wear of the blade can be checked regularly, the blade that needs to be replaced can be changed in time, and the amount of material discharged can be observed in time to find the problem and solve it in time. The analysis machine works abnormally. The blades of the analysis machine may wear to varying degrees during long-term operation. The classification of the material cannot be achieved, the material cannot be effectively classified, and effective materials cannot be sorted, which affects the output. The solution is to regularly check and analyze the blades of the machine, replace the damaged blades, and adjust the air volume of the fan appropriately to reduce the air intake.

Ore grinding mill-micro powder grinding mill

4. Air volume adjustment

The air volume control valve located on the air intake pipe of the fan is generally opened to a large position, and adjusted appropriately according to the fineness and output requirements. The regulating valve located on the exhaust pipe of the exhaust gas outlet can be adjusted to the inlet without dust spraying. The air volume is small and the fineness is high, but it should be noted that if the air volume is too small, materials are likely to settle in the air duct under the main machine, please adjust it appropriately.

5. Discharge fineness adjustment

According to the size, softness, hardness, moisture content and specific gravity of the materials, the thickness of the processing is also different. The analyzer above can be adjusted to have high speed, high fineness, low speed and low fineness. If the fineness is increased, the output will be reduced accordingly. If the fan speed cannot be reached, the fan speed should be adjusted, and the user can control it flexibly. The scrap limit of the grinding roller grinding ring, the remaining small wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm.

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