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What is the use of calcium oxide? Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment manufacturers tell you. Calcium oxide (quick lime) solves the problems of soil acidification and prevention of soil-borne diseases in agriculture, and is used in industry for wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning. Therefore, the purchase of Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment for the production of calcium oxide (quick lime) has a huge market. demand. The following Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment will explain in detail the use of calcium oxide (quick lime).
250 mesh Raymond Mill production line site
250 mesh Raymond Mill production line site

Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment summary calcium oxide (quick lime) industrial and agricultural uses


Use of calcium oxide (quick lime) in agriculture

1. Eliminate the impact of heavy metal pollution
Quicklime has strong alkalinity. After being applied to the field soil, it can precipitate most metal ions such as iron, aluminum, and manganese other than mercury ions, eliminating or reducing heavy metal ion pollution.
2. Supplement nutrients for soil and crops
Applying quicklime to the ground can directly increase the supply of calcium and magnesium to the soil and crops. Promote the production of crops.
3. Adjust soil pH
Most of the current soil acidification problems are serious, and most are caused by excessive fertilization and irrational use of drugs (most of which are acidic). Solve the problem of soil acidification by spreading calcium oxide (quick lime).
4. Sterilization, control of diseases and insect pests
The strong alkali of calcium oxide (lime lime) is used in farmland to kill germs, eggs and pests, so that crops are protected from pests.
5. Activate soil and cultivate fertility
Calcium hydroxide produced by quicklime in the soil when it meets water can help to improve soil viscosity, soil aggregate formation, soil moisture retention and permeability, and can also promote soil structure optimization.

Industrial use of calcium oxide (quick lime)

1. One of the uses of calcium oxide: as a filler, for example: as a filler for epoxy adhesives;
2. The second use of calcium oxide: used as analytical reagent, used as carbon dioxide absorbent in gas analysis, spectral analysis reagent, high-purity reagent for epitaxy and diffusion process in semiconductor production, laboratory ammonia drying and alcohol removal l Water, etc.;
3. The third use of calcium oxide: used as a raw material, it can be used to manufacture calcium carbide, soda ash, bleaching powder, etc., also used in leather making, wastewater purification, calcium hydroxide and various calcium compounds;
4. The fourth use of calcium oxide: It can be used as a building material, metallurgical flux, cement accelerator, and fluorescent powder flux.
5. The fifth use of calcium oxide: used as vegetable oil decolorizer, drug carrier, soil improver and calcium fertilizer;
6. Sixth use of calcium oxide: for refractory materials and desiccant;
7. Seventh use of calcium oxide: It can be used to prepare agricultural machinery No. 1 and No. 2 adhesives and underwater epoxy adhesives. It can also be used as a reactant for pre-reaction with 2402 resin;
8. The eighth use of calcium oxide: for acid wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning;
9. Ninth use of calcium oxide: It can be used as a protective agent for boiler deactivation, using the hygroscopic capacity of lime to keep the metal surface of the boiler water vapor system dry and prevent corrosion. It is suitable for the long-term use of low-pressure, medium-pressure, small-capacity steam drum boilers Disable protection;
10. Tenth use of calcium oxide: used for flue gas desulfurization.
Calcium oxide (quick lime) has so many industrial and agricultural uses, so the visionary and profitable boss sees this market demand and looks for machinery and equipment to produce and process calcium oxide (quick lime) for the market.

How does Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment produce calcium oxide (quick lime)

There are many kinds of Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment. CLIRIK's Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment includes R-type Raymond mill, pendulum mill, and YGM high-pressure Raymond mill. It can produce 80~600 mesh quick lime powder. Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment is at a moderate price, with complete equipment, such as crusher, hoist, storage tank, new Raymond mill, fan, feeder, dust collector, dust collection system, motor and other equipment. This complete set of new calcium hydroxide mill production line is reasonably priced, with mills ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, suitable for the financial resources of large, medium and small enterprises, requiring detailed prices, please leave a message or online consultation.
Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment manufacturer Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd.'s 80 mesh ~ 3000 Raymond mill calcium oxide equipment (Raymond mill, pendulum mill and micro powder mill) has good quality and perfect after-sales service. The industry has a good reputation, strong processing capacity, environmental protection and power saving.

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