Gypsum grinding equipment's gypsum

2021-07-02 02:35:04

Chemical gypsum as the world's first manufacturing power, the natural gypsum mineral resources of our country is abundant, the total reserves in more than 60 billion tons, and every year there are a large number of chemical gypsum generation: phosphorus stone only as many as a year nearly 20 million tons, partly LinFeiChang phosphogypsum accumulation amount up to tens of millions of tons, especially with the rapid development of our economy and to the attention of the environmental protection in recent years.

Power plant desulfurization has been the process, power plants must have a lot of desulfurization gypsum, in addition to citric acid gypsum, fluorine gypsum, salt and other chemical gypsum, relying on the abundant natural and human resources to carry out the comprehensive utilization of gypsum industry, the development and construction of circular economy needs, but also the new highlight of many investors. In recent years, with the development of gypsum products, a variety of different USES gesso also successively promoted, especially in the building materials industry, with the increasing of high-rise building and the national wall change work progressed, gesso building materials market has become a tight product. 2005 national gypsum powder dosage is about 120 million tons, the production of 85 million tons, the shortfall of 35 million tons, far cannot satisfy the market demand, so the processing and the development of the project has a large market, and high profits, economic benefit is good.

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