Stone grinding equipment for fly ash

2013-07-19 05:59:46

Fly ash is very hard, the device can’t be grinding, it must use special stone grinding equipment, and the mix of fly ash in cement material requires a high degree of fineness of fly ash, processing fly ash is necessary to use stone grinding equipment for fly ash, fly ash grinding equipment. Component of fly ash can be used as cement, mortar, concrete admixtures and become cement, concrete, fly ash as a raw material instead of the clay cement clinker raw materials, the manufacture of fired brick, autoclaved aerated concrete, foam concrete, hollow brick, sintered and non-sintered ceramic, paving the way; build a dam, the construction of the port, lowlands of farmland potholes, coal mine subsidence area and mine backfill; also from sub-the election Cenosphere, beads, iron concentrate powder, carbon, aluminum and other useful substances, wherein the floating beads, microbeads are used as insulation materials, refractory materials, plastics, rubber filler.
Fly ash is one of the larger industrial wastes, with the development of power industry, Coal fly ash emissions has increased year by year. Across the country implement the environmentally friendly production, fly ash recycling is also an important one, stone grinding equipment for fly ash, fly ash grinding equipment which is best? The answer is micro powder grinding equipment!
China is a per capita in countries with limited resources reserves, the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, turning waste into treasure has become an important technical and economic policy in China's economic construction, it is the solution to China's power production environment pollution, lack of resources, the contradiction between the important means of electricity production faced to solve one of the tasks. Fly ash after processing by fly ash grinding equipment has been widely used in construction engineering, building materials, water conservancy and other departments.

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