Shanghai stone grinding machine developed barite

2021-07-01 09:23:27

Xiangzhou is the first in the country becomes sporadic mining scale production, increasing barite production culture, and received the right to export products enjoy a high reputation in the domestic market. In 2000, Xiang Zhouxian barite mineral sales reached 90 million tons, of which exports 800,000 tons, earning $ 26.1 million.
Related information, Guangxi Xiangzhou export barite volume accounted for more than half of the national exports in two years, selling products in Europe and the United States market. Shanghai is China's most advanced stone grinding machine production base, Shanghai stone grinding machine processing as State barite powerful combination of technology and resource advantages of the two-pronged approach.
The advantage of Shanghai stone grinding machine is the processing fineness can reach 3000 mesh, the service life of wearing parts 2-5 times longer than other devices, than jet mill, mixing mill, ball mill production more than doubled. With the Shanghai stone grinding machine development as the state barite resources, pearls do a powerful combination of resources and technological advantages.

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