Four- point advantages in the in powder coatings industry

2021-07-01 09:22:19

Four- point advantages in the in powder coatings industry

powder coatings is a new 100% solid powder coatings, it has no solvents, no pollution, save energy and resources, reduce labor intensity and high mechanical strength of coating film.

Powder coating mixed by special resin, filler pigment, curing agent and other additives ona certain proportion, then produced by thermo-extrusion and ultrafine grinding mill. Powder coating has the following four-point advantages over general paint coating:

  1. Health and environment

Not contain a variety of liquid-containing harmful chemical additives (film, dispersing and wetting, leveling, preservative and other additives) that used to reaching the properties of coatings

  1. Easy to transport and storage

About 20--50% of water in the normal coating, but in powder coating, this part of water isn’t contain, until you enter this part of water when you use the paint. In other words, this part of water doesn’t need transporting or storage. What’s more, the coatings containing water often frozen when the transport and storage temperature below 0 ° c, but the powder coating don’t have this problem.

3Without preservative

In traditional liquid coatings, both water and food for bacteria exist, so this kind of coating easy to bacterial contamination. Need to add preservative into the coating, in order to prevent deterioration. However, there is no bacterial contamination problem, so the latex powder coating without preservative.

4、Small coating smell

    Traditional paint smell remains seriously, but this powder paint smell quickly dispersed.

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