Water granulated slag grinding equipment


 Water granulated slag grinding equipment

Putting the melt slag into water, after water cooling the final product is water granulated slag, mainly slag bath water quenching and stokehole water quenching two ways. Water granulated slag as building material is use to product cement and concrete. Because of water granulated slag’s potential water hard gel performance, by the excitation of cement clinker, lime, gypsum and so on, the water granulated slag can be high quality cement raw material. And it can product Portland slag cement, supersulphate cement, latarge cement, slag brick, slag concrete etc.

Necessary equipment:

Ramond grinding equipment, water granulated slag vertical grinding equipment, water granulated slag three-ring superfine grinding euqipment and HGM micro powder grinding equipment.

Grinding by ramond grinding  equipment, water granulated slag vertical grinding equipment and water granulated slag three-ring super fine grinding euqipment and HGM micro powder grinding euqipment, the finished powder can be reach 250meshs~ 3000meshs, it is a kind of high quality cement and concrete raw material.

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