How to repair grinding roller of limestone grinding machine


During the use limestone grinding machine grinding roll body and wear-resistant liner, due to the frictional resistance between the rollers grinding pressure, the material reaction forces, materials and grinding roller liner; materials ground into the corner, causing grinding the roller shear stress, the hydraulic system pressure roller mill, vertical mill apparent compressive stress force mutual combined effects of these forces role in the vertical mill grinding roller effective rolling.
Once with the gap the grinding roller body between the liner will impact collision, making the body between the liner and increased wear and tear, severe liner cracks or fracture, causing the liner off the machine damage, especially deceleration damage to the machine, resulting in a vicious incident. Event of such problems, the general repair methods are difficult to solve, demolition, repair welding machine processing fees laborious, the downtime caused downtimes greatly extend irreparable huge economic losses to the enterprise.
Europe and the United States and other developed countries to address the problem more use of polymer composites the vertical grinding roll body abrasion quick fix, more mature Blessed World Blue Series. Material for its excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity, so that the issue can be resolved satisfactorily. Not only extend the life of limestone grinding machine, increase productivity, and do not take up additional downtime while the second possibility to avoid the problem in a simple and effective, continuous production enterprise security escort.
The whole process limestone grinding machine is simple, compared to the milling roller, small footprint, low unit power consumption, small metal wear, low noise machine, high grinding efficiency, but also a large number of the kiln inlet exhaust.

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