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Clirik ultrafine grinding equipments pulverize barite for advanced rubber

In advanced rubber industry, grinded barite powder is important additive to improve its hardness, wear resistance and anti-aging properties. The fineness of these barite powders is about 600mesh. Clirik can customize very suitable barite powder grinding equipments and the complete barite powder grinding plant. For detailed customized solutions, you can get support through online services.

Advanced rubber industry introduction:

In plastics and rubber industries, crushed fine barite powder is usually used as filler of plastics or rubber, which can improve their hardness, wear resistance and anti-aging properties. Lithopone is kind of non-toxic white pigment which is produced from barite powder. Lithopone powder has been widely used in paint industry and as the pigment in the manufacture of advanced rubber products. These crushed fine barite powder must be of 600mesh’s fineness. In fact, to produce advanced rubber, you need to choose very suitable powder grinding equipments to crush barite stone.

Raw materials used in advanced rubber industry:

Materials: Barite Powder

Fineness Requirement: 600 mesh

Offer Equipment: HGM Ultrafine grinding equipments

Clirik Ultrafine grinding mills to pulverize your barite to be 600 mesh:

HGM Ultrafine mill

Clirik offers this kind of grinding equipment  which is to pulverize barite stone to be 600mesh. After grinded by Clirik grinding equipment , the barite powder can be directly used to produce advanced rubber.

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