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Quartz stone tailings powder application field and quartz stone grinding equipment

What can quartz stone powder do? Quartz tailings include waste slag during quartz mining, tailings and tailings during processing, of which tailings account for the vast majority. The chemical composition of quartz tailings is mainly SiO2, and the impurities are mainly feldspar, clay, mica, iron minerals, etc. As long as it is rationally developed and scientifically used, it can eliminate pollution, turn waste into treasure, broaden the scope of mineral application, and increase mineral addition Value, and broad development prospects.
What can quartz tailing powder do? Here are 13 uses of quartzite tailings powder, let's take a look.

1. Functional filler
The purity of the product obtained after ultrafine powder quartz tailings is similar to that of silicon powder products, and the whiteness is increased by nearly 12%. It can be used as fine ceramics, high-quality microporous calcium silicate, insulating materials and rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, etc Of fillers. Using powder quartz tailings with SiO2 content of 98.0% -99.0%, through grinding, impurity removal, epoxy resin treatment and other processes, ideal fillers for electrical engineering can be produced.
2. Silicon powder
For the tailings of some low-iron quartz sand factories in China, through the purification process of "magnetic separation-scrubbing-desilting (drug)-flotation", it can completely prepare electrical and electronic grade silicon fine powder that meets the requirements.
3. Quartz powder
Jiang Xuexin and others used quartz sand tailings in an area of ​​Fengyang, Anhui to prepare quartz powders with -325 mesh greater than 99% and -200 mesh greater than 85% through magnetic separation, hydraulic classification, vibratory grinding, etc., which can be used as The silicon raw material without alkali glass fiber and glaze frit can of course also be used in other fields.
4. Silicon brick
Silica brick is an acidic refractory material, widely used in facilities such as glass melting furnaces, coke ovens or hot blast stoves. Its load softening start temperature is as high as 1640-1670 ℃. The requirement for the raw material of silicon brick is that the content of SiO2 should not be less than 96%, and there should not be too many impurities such as Al2O3, N2O, K2O. Some waste rock produced during the mining of quartzite or quartz sandstone can meet this requirement.
5. Paint filler
Some quartz sand tailings have a finer particle size, and can be used as coating fillers after purification by classification. For example, when used in polyvinyl acetate coatings, its coating products can absorb ultraviolet rays very well. Adding quartz sand tailings and white carbon black to epoxy floor coatings can improve the comprehensive performance of floor coatings such as hardness, wear resistance and scrub resistance.
6. Building ceramsite
The use of industrial waste residues such as quartz sand tailings, fly ash, terrazzo, etc. can produce ceramsite for construction. The mixing ratio of quartz sand tailings can reach more than 30%.
7. White carbon black
Cao Meng and others used purified quartz tailings and sodium carbonate as raw materials to prepare sodium silicate solution through calcination and leaching, and then prepared white carbon black by the sulfuric acid precipitation method, and used the "two-step method" to prepare sulfuric acid by using the by-produced sodium sulfate Potassium.
8. Silica aerogel
Li Jiantao et al. Prepared SiO2 aerogel by using quartz tailings as raw materials, activation treatment, caustic soda dissolution, sol-gel method, and atmospheric pressure gradient drying.
9. Glazed tiles and ceramic glazed materials
Magnet quartzite selection waste slag quartz iron sand, quartz content reaches 58% -62%, introducing about 15% magnetite quartzite selection waste slag into the ceramic blank can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the ceramic blank and glaze layer, can be effectively used For producing dark black glazed wall ceramics.
10. Glass-ceramic
According to chemical composition analysis, quartz tailings are the ideal raw material for manufacturing glass-ceramics. The slag glass-ceramics plate is a kind of high-grade decorative or industrial plate, which is made of natural mineral raw materials such as silica sand, calcite, feldspar and slag, and chemical raw materials such as nucleating agent and coloring agent. After melting, forming, cutting and polishing, Some at home and abroad are called microcrystalline marble, crystallized glass, slate or glass ceramics.
11. Cement
The chemical composition of quartz tailings meets the requirements of cement ingredients, and its low alkali content can be used as a raw material for siliceous substitution; from the perspective of physical properties, although the abrasiveness of quartz tailings is very poor, its fineness is close to The fineness of the material, after proper grinding, can fully meet the fineness requirements.
12. Sintered bricks and new wall materials
Using shale resources, mixing 40% -50% of quartz sand tailings and waste mud can produce high-grade modulus thermal insulation wall materials. The use of quartz tailings can also develop sand aerated heat insulation, sound insulation, and heat insulation materials to provide materials for building energy-saving work.
In August 2017, Sinoma (Yichang) Energy Saving New Materials Co., Ltd. used quartz sand tailings and other industrial wastes to produce new multi-functional energy-saving and environmentally friendly wall materials. The project was completed and put into production in Dangyang City, Yichang, Hubei, which can consume quartz sand tailings 9 Ten thousand tons.
13. Aerated concrete
At present, there are three main types of aerated concrete products in China: one is fly ash type; the other is silica sand type; and the third is sand slag type (sand aerated concrete). Sand aerated concrete is mainly divided into mine tailings and river sand, which are high-end products in the market, especially aerated concrete products with quartz sand as the raw material have the best characteristics.
For example, the use of Fengyang quartz tailings to make aerated concrete wall materials has the following properties: the product specific gravity is 40-600kg / m3, which is 12 / of water, 1/3 of red brick, 1/4 of concrete, light weight and large Increase the construction progress by a large margin, thereby reducing construction costs, and have the characteristics of thermal insulation, energy saving and strong impermeability.

Quartz stone processing tailings, what equipment is used to process grinding? We recommend that you use a large pendulum mill. It can be ground into the finished quartz powder with 80-400 mesh.

Raymond mill for large pendulum mill

Number of grinding rollers: 5-6

Finished product output: 3-90t / h

Product fineness: 0.038-0.18mm

Scope of application: The mill can be widely used in large-scale processing fields such as metallurgy, chemical rubber, coatings, plastics, pigments, inks, building materials, medicine, food, etc. The grinding effect is remarkable, the technical level is advanced, and it is non-metallic ore large-scale processing Ideal equipment.

Application materials: Non-metallic minerals such as bauxite, titanium dioxide, ilmenite, phosphate rock, clay, graphite, calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, potassium feldspar can be processed on a large scale. Fineness adjustment is convenient and operation is simple.
Grinding characteristics: This mill can replace almost all types of mills. It is suitable for power plant desulfurization, manganese ore milling and other processing. It has wide applications, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and environmental protection, and high cost performance Large-scale powder processing equipment.
What can quartz tailing powder do? What kind of grinding equipment is used for quartz stone processing? If the above does not satisfy your curiosity, please feel free to consult us online or WhatsApp. Telephone: + 86-13917147829.

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