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The difference between Raymond mill and jet mill

jet mill and Raymond millpowder grinding equipment Raymond mill
Jet mill and Raymond mill both are powder grinding equipment.

They are similar in that use a negative pressure to grind the material. But there are also differences between them.

First of all, look at the scope of application, jet mill is mainly used in the chemical, medical and other industries, with fewer opportunities to use. Raymond mill is mainly used for humidity below 6 percent and for high-fine powders with hardness less than 9 grades.

Then look at the capacity. The capacity of the jet mill is low, the output of the small jet mill is very small, even if the output of the large jet mill is only about one ton; the output of the Raymond mill is large, even the output of the smallest model YGM7815 can reach 3 tons. The use of Raymond Mill is more cost-effective, saves the use of the site, and reduces equipment investment costs.

The finished product of the air mill grinding material is finer than the Raymond mill. The finished product size of the jet mill can reach 1 μm. However, the jet mill has certain requirements on the feed size of the material. If the particle size of the material does not reach a certain number of meshes, the jet mill cannot be used.

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