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Clirik grinding equipment ball mill sphericity and processing quality are getting higher and higher

As a new generation of milling machinery, Clirik brand ball mill plays an important role. In the manufacturing industry of mill equipment, the ball mill manufacturers have rich technical experience and industrialization advantages, and have obtained a number of milling technologies. After decades of continuous development, the ball mill grinding products and the complete line of production lines have been applied to many countries and different regions at home and abroad, and have been praised and trusted by many customers. At the same time, the production of other equipment such as dryer products matched by our company is also in the same position in the industry. Clirik gives a brief introduction to the characteristics of the ball mill products.

1. The ball mill is pressurized by a hydraulic cylinder, and an accumulator is provided in the hydraulic system to ensure the molding pressure and ensure the safety of the equipment.

2. The roller skin used in the equipment is made of high-quality alloy steel forging blank, the overall quenching and processing treatment, the hardness can reach above HRC60, high strength and good wear resistance.

3. In the molding of the roller using the domestic advanced set of embedded structure, on-site detachable, replacement in less than two to three hours can be completed, extremely convenient. It not only saves costs, but also saves shipping costs, saves labor and saves time.

4. In order to solve the problem of shed material caused by the material of the feed angle pile, the inlet of the molding machine adopts mechanical material-discharging device and polymer wear-resistant anti-blocking lining, uniform fabric, and does not enter the shed. An adjusting plate is arranged at the inlet end to adjust the feeding amount to ensure that the material forming compression ratio is controlled within a predetermined ratio range, and the ball forming rate can be as high as 96% and the strength is high.

5. The ball sockets of different specifications and shapes can be processed according to the requirements of the user. The ball socket can be more polished after being ground and easy to demould. It can then be dried by means of a dryer to ensure the production efficiency of the equipment and the quality of the ball mill.

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