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Barite powder production equipment-manufacturers offer

Barite powder production equipment manufacturers offer

In the feeding equipment of Raymond mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeders are generally used. It is a new type of dosing equipment that can meet the requirements of continuous production. Therefore, barite powder is widely used in the production and processing of mining, metallurgy, chemical, construction, grain and other industries.
Barite Raymond grinding mill

The electromagnetic vibration feeder of Barite Raymond grinding mill

The electromagnetic vibration feeder generally consists of a trough, an electromagnetic vibrator, a shock absorber, a control box and the like.
Connected between the storage hopper and the main machine, it is convenient to transport the block, granular and powder materials continuously, uniformly and quantitatively in the hopper to the body of the milling equipment, the barite powder production equipment, and then the blade The material is shoveled to the ground between the grinding roller and the grinding ring.
It is made of alloy steel plate and has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and low power consumption. In daily use, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder of Raymond mill should be installed as a whole.
Generally, it is not allowed to disassemble, and it is not allowed to consolidate any rigid accessories on the machine. The feeder should be horizontal and ensure all tightness. Fastening bolts.
During the use, the feeder should be regularly maintained.
Pay attention to whether the noise and vibration of the machine are abnormal, the barite powder processing equipment, check the feed chute and coil current, and check whether the mill bolts and the hoist are loose or not. Normal, motor wiring is worn and leaked, and the vibrator's sealing cover is covered.
Then, the fastened parts are fastened, the sealing cover is cleaned in time, the gap between the parts and the parts is adjusted, and the body of the feeder is lubricated in time. Moreover, during operation, it is strictly forbidden to stand by the machine, touch the body, adjust, clean up and other activities.
In addition, the equipment should be grounded and the wires should be reliably insulated.
The above is the relevant knowledge of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder of the grinding production line. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Grinding reducer of Barite Raymond grinding mill

In the Raymond mill equipment, the reducer is an essential core component, which is of great help to the normal operation of the entire equipment. However, many people still don't know much about the reducer, and they don't know what it is used in the operation of the equipment. Today Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company explains the role and selection considerations of the mill reducer.
The grinding reducer is a power transmission device that achieves the mechanical deceleration by meshing a motor, an internal combustion engine or other high-speed power through a gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer to mesh the large gear on the output shaft.
The main function of the grinder reducer is to increase the output torque while reducing the speed, and reduce the load inertia while decelerating. It can be seen that it effectively protects the motor of the mill and improves the performance of the Raymond machine.
Therefore, when choosing a reducer, we have to choose the motor power that matches its load carrying capacity. Different speed ratios should be selected for motors of different powers.
If the power is too large, the life of the reducer will be reduced.
The processing equipment reducer has high applicability, and the working coefficient can be maintained above 1.2, the barite powder production line, but it can also be decided by its own needs.
The model selection and precautions for the mill reducer are:
1. The output shaft diameter of the servo motor is not greater than the shaft diameter used in the manual;
2. If the torque calculation work, the speed can meet the normal operation, but when there is insufficient servo full output, we can install the drive on the motor side, do the current limiting control or do the torque protection on the mechanical shaft, it is necessary of.
The selection of the reduction gear of the milling production line includes the original purpose, the type of selection, and the determination of the specifications. The type selection is relatively easy, and accurately providing the operating conditions of the reducer, grasping the design, manufacture and use characteristics of the reducer is the key to the correct selection of the specifications of the reducer. The specifications are selected to meet the requirements of strength, heat balance, and radial load on the shaft extension.
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