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400 mesh calcite grinding equipment

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. The shape of calcite has crystals, and it can also be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, and soil. After processing by grinding equipment, it is widely used in industry.
Calcite is used as a flux in the metallurgical industry, used to produce cement and lime in the construction industry, used to treat osteoporosis, prevent arteriosclerosis, memory loss, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry, used in plastics, rubber, paint, paper, Used as filler and reinforcing agent in toothpaste and daily necessities.
According to CLIRIK's many years of experience in the grinding production line, processing 400 mesh calcite powder can use Raymond mill or YGM series high-pressure suspended roller mill.
Some users need 400 meshes to process calcite. The 400 mesh powder is relatively fine. This fineness Raymond mill is achievable, but if the user has higher output requirements and needs to purchase larger equipment, YGM series high-pressure suspended roller mill can meet such requirements.

The principle of Raymond mill processing calcite is that the grinding roller is rolled tightly on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, and the calcite is picked up by the blade and sent to the middle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After the powder is formed, the powdered calcite is blown up through the analysis machine under the action of the fan, and the calcite powder that meets the fineness requirements passes through the analysis machine. Separator collects separately.

The fineness of YGM series high-pressure suspended roller mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0.18-0.015 (80-400 mesh). It is an updated product of R-type pendulum mill, and the output can be adjusted between 1-25t / h.

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