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Gypsum grinding equipment, choose us

The gypsum grinding equipment our company creates and builds, is super fine gypsum grinding equipment. The ultrafine gypsum grinding equipment was successful both in domestic and international numerous experimental project, processed gypsum powder is handy, becoming the best gypsum grinding equipment.

Gypsum powder is one of the five gel material, occupies an important position in national economy, it is widely used in construction, building materials, industrial molds and art model, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medical hairdressing, and many other applications, is a kind of important industrial raw materials. At present the gypsum powder our country needs is about 150 million tons, domestic production gypsum powder production is about 80 million tons a year, there are a lot of space to be exploited, in addition our gypsum ore reserves first place in the world.

Gypsum resource is rich, to our country is the development of gypsum powder provides a strong protection, which makes our country's development have increasing trend of gypsum powder, all kinds of gypsum equipment such as gypsum grinding equipment, booming gypsum powder grinding production line equipment, etc. Gypsum grinding equipment also has broad prospects for development.

Gypsum grinding equipment pays attention to environmental protection. Our company's gypsum grinding equipment is a design of a complete set of seal, no dust pollution, the noise on the protection of our company also has carried on the equipment improvement, the noise is lower than the national standard.

Gypsum grinding equipment is of high fineness, high pass rate. Our company's gypsum grinding equipment can reach 300-3000 mesh, and also adjustable, pass rate of D97.

Less vulnerable parts. Gypsum grinding equipment internal screws and other vulnerable parts, materials directly under the action of roller mill ring is processed into ultrafine powder. To reduce the contact materials and other components, which obviously increase the service life.

Gypsum grinding equipment is of high efficiency. At present our company gypsum powder can achieve 400 mesh all-pass,not any other domestic comany can compare, the small processing equipment 400 mesh plaster powder can be produced at 3 tons.

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